365 Photos

Published: 7th November, 2019

On the 16th June 2017, I made the decision to post a photo to Instagram, with the aspiration to post one photo every day for a year.

I had just finished my AS Graphic Design course and wanted a project that would get me to keep up my creativity.
I decided to post daily, instead of taking a fresh photo each day, so that on busy periods such as exam season it wasn’t a problem if I didn’t find a good shot. It also allowed me to post multiple photos from good days such as when I was on holiday. Despite this, looking for creative opportunities became a natural part of the entire year.

A photo of blossom trees framing a blue sky
An excerpt of the first post of this project reads:
"Starting today feels like the right thing to do as I've been struggling so much recently and I've had such a bad day - I want to be able to look back on everything next year and feel like I've made progress!"
Day 1, 16th June 2017
It feels great to look back and not even remember why I'd had a bad day, and then to look through this year of my life in photos and be reminded of countless good memories. This was an important year for me as I applied to university and took my A Levels so to have every day documented is quite interesting.
One of the trips I went on that year was to Kent, in South East England. It was always very refreshing to visit a new location and capture a story or atmosphere.
A collection of photos from Kent
A collection of snowy photos
Another thing that I found I enjoyed about this project was seeing the changes in the seasons throughout my photos. One of the most prominent changes was when it snowed in December, but I also watched my photos change tone and colour palette depending on location and my mood at any particular point in the year.
Finally I think my favourite thing about the experience was taking photos of the everyday. I took photos in moments such as on my commute to Sixth Form or whilst taking care of my cacti. Photography doesn't always have to be of dramatic buildings or landscapes. Some of the photos I like the most from the project are the small, personal details of my life.
A collection of cactus photos and photos of my room
A photo of the same trees as the first photo, again framing a blue sky
An excerpt of the first post of this project reads:
"It’s been both a long but fast year and I’ve been through a lot, but I’m at the point where I can say that it’s all coming together and I have made a net movement in the right direction. On the wind-down from my exams at the moment and then I’ll finally get the rest I need, but even now I feel very happy and content. Thank you to everyone who has put up with my constant posting for 365 and who has just generally supported me in the past year."
Day 365, 15th June 2018
It felt appropriate to finish my 365 project with a photo of the same tree as the first photo. I think I'd definitely like to do another 365 project in the future, and see how my life has changed since!